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How Do You Hold a Champagne Flute Elegantly

Elegance is a virtue. It is not something that is naturally present. Being elegant is an art form, one that has to be fine-tuned in all manner of areas.

This includes holding your champagne flute elegantly.

Okay, that is a little bit on the dramatic side. Yet a little care and attention is required when learning how to hold champagne glasses properly. This is the case when you have different varieties of champagne glasses, including coupe and tulip glasses.

Yet elegantly holding a tulip or coupe glass is for a different day. This guide will focus on how to hold a champagne glass of the flute variety.

How do you hold a champagne flute?

When looking at types of champagne glasses, the most popular is a flute glass. Champagne flutes, by design, are a narrow glass featuring a long stem. Its narrow nature helps to retain the champagne’s effervescence for longer, which means you can avoid gulping down your glass of sparkling. That’s not very elegant, after all. 

In terms of holding the glass, Here are three methods to think about:

By the stem

The most common method of elegantly holding a champagne glass is by the stem. While this may seem easy enough, we’ve seen enough Instagram posts with people making rookie mistakes as they pinch the stem incorrectly. Tip: don’t have your hand too close to the bowl’s base.

The right technique involves gripping the stem with your thumb and forefinger. This should be done low enough so the rest of your finger sits on the base. You can also use more than just your forefinger to hold the stem – you can even use all of your fingers if you desire.

By the foot

The foot is effectively the foundation of the champagne glass. However, it can be used for more than keeping the glass upright when placed on a flat surface.

To hold your glass this way, place your thumb atop the foot. The rest of your fingers should be located on the bottom of the glass. This grip might not be the most natural, but it is also more than just elegant. It can stop your drink from heating up.

By the rim

To hold the champagne glass by the rim, opposite ends are held by your thumb and one or two fingers. The rest of your fingers are then left to hover by the side of the glass. For added security, however, all of your fingers can be used to surround the rim.

Keep in mind this method is most common with champagne coupes. This is due to it having a wider bowl like a wine glass, making it easier to balance with your hand.

Picking the right glass

No matter how you hold it and whether you are hosting a small get-together or building champagne towers, you still need the right glass for that truly elegant appearance.

In that regard, we recommend our Silver Diamante Bubble Champagne Flutes. These diamante champagne flutes combine glamour with functionality. With this added sparkle, you will never look more elegant when holding a champagne flute.