Bedroom trends

So your home is finally free of the paraphernalia associated with the festive season and it’s time to embark on an interior glow-up ready for the new year.  

Sounds simple enough – until you find yourself down a Pintrest rabbit hole at 3am, plotting ways to sell your hot pink sofa, because apparently earth tones are a thing in 2023!  

Unless you have endless time, money or are more than adept at DIY, keeping up with home trends can be exhausting. And whilst none of us are entirely safe from what’s trending, it’s important to stay true to your own personal style; that dark dramatic boutique hotel you stayed in was great for a night, but is it really ‘you’ in everyday life? (Yep that was me, we’ve all been there!) 

Create a look that transcends styles

If you’re starting from scratch, and wish to create a look that transcends styles and seasons both easily and economically, then it’s wise to keep larger items in neutral shades with a nod to current trends using stylish accessories.  Remember, it’s far easier to swap out those hot pink cushions than it is to replace a hot pink sofa!  

But what if you have embraced a specific look that you now wish to update? Grey tones have long dominated homes across the UK, however a quick scan of Instagram home accounts indicates that these cooler hues are slowly being replaced with neutral tones, with  2023 paint trends promising richer, warmer natural hues including rich berry reds and deep ochres. 

So does that mean anyone wishing to achieve this look must start again?  

Thankfully – No! Grey works beautifully with earth tones and can be softened with natural materials such as linens and other textured furnishings in warmer tones. And if you want to experiment with the more vibrant colours without breaking the bank (or changing the sofa), then look out for smaller accessories or even a stylish arrangement of beautifully realistic faux flowers in this year’s colours.

Bedroom furniture design
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And of course, whether you embrace trends or not, unique statement pieces will not only add a design edge to your home but will reflect your individuality and unique sense of style.  So look out for independent stores, such as us at Avoir Interiors where you’ll find statement pieces rather than products en mass.  Antique shops can also be a great find for one off accessories.

So whether you chose to stay on top of current trends, or lead the way with your individualism, remember it’s your home and your style. And if you love it, it will never go out of fashion. 

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