3 Wise Monkeys

What to Put on Shelves in Living Room? Our 6 Tips

Do you have a set of living room shelves sitting empty, gathering dust? Or, perhaps they are only there to hold your miscellaneous items, but you’d prefer to use your open shelves for objects that are a little more pleasing to the eye. If so, you’re likely looking for tips for styling your shelves – and you are in the right place. Whether you have shelving units, built in shelving, or floating shelves, here are our six tips for what to put on shelves in living room.

1: Place an Interesting Ornament

If you want to breathe life into a small living room or add interest to an otherwise dull corner, placing an attractive ornament on your shelves is one of the best ways to do so. Decorating shelves that otherwise are left empty with decorative objects makes sense! Consider these 3 wise monkeys for your living room shelves. These charming monkeys make a wonderfully quirky addition with their blackened bronze colouring and weighty feel. They provide a high-end look to a living room while also capturing attention. It’s the kind of ornament that makes a statement!

2: Introduce Greenery with Some Plants

Interior design always gets pushed up a notch by introducing greenery into an area, adding depth, colour, and life to the space. Plus, you can decorate with so many different types of plants. For example, if you can only place smaller items on your shelves due to a lack of shelf depth, you can easily place small succulents there. However, if you have extra room, a larger plant like a peace lily would work beautifully!

3: Line Up Your Favourite Books

One of the best living room shelving idea involves placing the items you already own onto the shelf, and books work perfectly for that! Of course, don’t pick any old books that you have lying around. Instead, choose your most aesthetically pleasing hardbacks to add interest to the space.

4: Decorate with Fairy lights

Placing string or fairy lights onto your shelves is a great way to add a little more light to your living space. The subtle, soft glow will give a cosy feel while ensuring your shelves don’t sit empty.

5: Add Texture with Woven Baskets

Do you need extra storage in your living room? If so, you can boost your living room storage even further by placing woven baskets onto your shelves. Not only can they be used for storing items, but woven baskets naturally add depth and texture to a space. Plus, you have a variety of shape size and colours to choose from, meaning you can pick woven baskets that fit into your home’s design and colour scheme.

6: Ignite a Glow with Candles

Styling shelves with candles means adding a soft, beautiful glow to the space. Plus, you can go a step further by purchasing an exciting candle holder to add even more interest to the area – something that stands out and draws the eye. Perhaps a lantern, or maybe a candle holder shaped like a tree!

A shelf styled with any of the above ideas will look fabulous. If you need a little more inspiration, we at Avoir Interiors have plenty more excellent ornaments to breathe life into your living space.

Meta: shelves are perfect space for utility and flair – spruce yours up for 2023!